Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award!!

This is a wonderful award that I received from by buddy Susie. Thanks so much Susie for all the love you have given me. I am so excited and have 7 people listed to pass along this lovely award. I know you will agree these individuals have great inspirational blogs.
Check out these blogs and prepared to be inspired!!


I received this award from my lovely friend Susie. She has been so kind and if you get to know her she is a wonderful person. So thank you Susie for all the love you have given me:) Ok enough about my bud Susie, lets move on to the fun stuff. There are two individuals I have in mind who deserve this blog award. Check them out and you will agree they are well deserving!



These ladies I admire the most. So please stop by and give them some love because I know they will appreciate.

My Valentine Baskets

I started my Valentine gifts for my family. Luckily, I have my daughters to help me out. I decided to use my Uptown Girls Wing it Collection, Black and White Ribbon, Circle Sampler Stamp, a small flower punch from EK, and larger flower and Circle Punch. Although my first love is scrapbooking, I have somewhat strayed off to stamping and papercrafting. Some days when I am scrapbooking, I have my daughters, my mother and my husband involved. I am so excited that my son will be coming home soon, completing the remainder of his term in the reserves. Although he will never admit to anyone, he does like to sit with us and scrapbook;)

My Twins Valentine Baskets

My girls work on papercrafts with me everyother Friday. We make it a family event and the other Fridays is either movie night or a Family Night Activity. My life became very busy last year and I felt I was not spending enough time with my daughters or husband. I decided that Fridays would be family night. I do not answer the phone or have guest over. I try to focus on my family. It has been working out wonderful and I feel so much better spending this scheduled time with them. Of course they love stamping and scrapbooking and are big fans of TAC. As you can see they have different personalities. One of my girls is daring and loves sports. My other daughter loves to draw and dress like a princess. Lucky for me I have an instant class with my daughters to scrap with:)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Lil Scrapbook

Here I decided to use scraps from Penelope SWIC to create a lil 4x4 scrapbook. I am still working on this one, I used Forever Stamp (TAC) throughout the book and drew some swirls of my own. I plan to add family pics for Valentines Day. I really love this Paper as you can see. After I add my pics I will probably continue to add more embellishments. I love the Shabby Chic look, sometimes way overdone, but its what I love. Thanks for stopping by.....

My drawing card creation

I drew a flower and decided to color it with with Prismacolor pencils, used Penelope SWIC paper and tied a nice ribbon. As you can see I need to brush up on my drawing skills lol

Harvest Bear Card

I used Harvest Bear Stamp and Swirlgigs Stamp (TAC), Penelope SWIC designer paper and cardstock and Prismacolored pencils.

Penelope'ed Out

I spent the weekend working on Penelope SWIC and I am Penelope'ed out! On the left I made a card with Vintage Bear Stamp, my middle card I drew a flower of my own and on the far right I made a small book from the scraps left over. I have scrapbook layouts, but need to print Thanks Giving Pics and will post later. This is a lot of work, but love creating!