Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Shower Cake

I made this "Baby Shower Cake" for my little sister-in-law last month and I just found my pics on the computer. I have to say my husband stores all of our pics in various places and its difficult for me to find them when I want to post. I can honestly say I was completely stressed when I made this cake. To the point I wanted to throw it on the floor and start again. Really! I almost did, until my daughters stopped me and said it was wonderful! If anyone knows me, they can tell you I am very hard on myself and perfectionist. I wanted to do something special for my SIL, because she is just like a little sister to me. When I married my husband my lil SIL Marizela was in elementary school and now she is married and just had my baby niece Nancy!! Being an only child myself and marrying into a family of 7 has been a true blessing. It has been so much fun being part of the family and now I have brothers and sisters of my own. I really love making cakes for family, but it can be a little overwhelming because I never want to let them down. I took several Wilton Cake Decorating Classes when my daughters were 2 y.o. This is just another hobby of mine. I am all for "do what you love and never look back"!