Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend !!

Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday we went to the park which is at the street corner of our house after church. We did not do anything special, but decided to relax and enjoy family time. My son went to the lake so he missed out on the picture. The great thing about these pictures, each of my daughters took them. They love to take pictures and have learned to do a wonderful job. My girls were fishing with my husband in the pond and we stayed until it got dark. By Monday I was exhausted, slept in and got ready for Tuesday. Just another family day at the De La Torre House:)

Fresh Spring Things Card

There was a TAC promotion a couple of months ago (Fresh Spring Things) which sold out and I was lucky to get from another angel. I love to surf other blogs and see everyone's creations. The beautiful thing about stamps you can use over and over again, put them away and bring them out and use them in another project. I love this TAC stamp set (Fresh Spring Things) and the Gentle Beginnings Designer Paper. Eyelets and Brads came with the kit as well. I just used black cardstock, ribbon, circle and flower punches, and used a silver gel pen to add some color to the cardstock and believe it or not I used a little stickles in the bunny ears and the 3 dots in the corners. Within the circle punch is a stamp set that is retired, but I will continue to use. This card is for my "Best Friend Judy" who I have known more than 17 years. I think everyone deserves a little card saying how much we appreciate them.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

I made these "Mother's Day" Cards from what I had left over from my Angelee SWIC Set. I love the fact that after the cards are displayed for a while, they can be placed in a scrapbook or in a frame. Later, if wanted the actually pic can be removed from the card, since I used very little adhesive. The flower I created were from Build a Bug Stamp Set and yes more Swirls. Maybe I should move on from Angelee SWIC, but I just can't resist all of the possiblities with this beautiful paper.
Anyway, I am having a wonderful day at home and I hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day Too!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love Scrapbooking!!!!

It has been so long since my last post. But here I am again ready to create and display my love for papercrafts and my family. I found these pictures in my cabinet and pulled them out and instantly knew what paper I would use. They had Angelee written all over it. My daughter Victoria on the right also is a big fan of Angelee. Sometimes when I am tired and my girls want some love they ask me if we can "TAC Together" Meaning lets do some scrapbooking or card making. They love TAC as much as I do. I noticed as time goes on it just gets better. The pictures do not do the paper justice. You just need to buy some for yourself to see how beautiful this paper really is. For all of you who have missed me this past month or so. Thank you its so nice to be missed!

Love Scrapbooking!!!!

What can I say "I love to Scrapbook". I decided to take a long break from the blog world. I feel refreshed and relaxed and now its time to have some fun! I am such a big fan of TAC! I love Angelee SWIC and will continue to use it probably for a Mother's Day Card too this week. Usually I use an entire Designer paper pack to make scrapbook pages, cards and papercraft 3D out of an entire kit. Materials I used were the Angelee cardstock, Angelee Ribbon, Butterfly Swirls and Flower Bet stamps and Violete Ink (TAC). I did use a couple of silk flowers and a flower chipboard I had laying around. Once again TAC can be used with everything else as well.