Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nancy's Baptism Cake!

 A few years ago, I made a cake for my baby niece Nancy's Baptism. Currently, Nancy continues to be the baby of the family and is so loved and adored by everyone!

Right now as I am working on new scrapbook layouts I am reminded how pictures capture what is important in our lives and gives warmth as remember those times. When I see pictures of that day and how beautiful she looked. Along with the celebration afterwards. It reminded me how much family is important. I believe preserving those memories is not only a gift to others, but to yourself! In a blink of an eye, time passes. But pictures help us relive those moments and keep those memories "Close to our Hearts." 

While I continue to work on my scrapbook pages today, I hope that you take on the challenge to pull out your pictures, remember those times and arrange them on a scrapbook page to share with others. As I have a smile on my face, I know you will too!!!