Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nancy's Baptism Cake!

 A few years ago, I made a cake for my baby niece Nancy's Baptism. Currently, Nancy continues to be the baby of the family and is so loved and adored by everyone!

Right now as I am working on new scrapbook layouts I am reminded how pictures capture what is important in our lives and gives warmth as remember those times. When I see pictures of that day and how beautiful she looked. Along with the celebration afterwards. It reminded me how much family is important. I believe preserving those memories is not only a gift to others, but to yourself! In a blink of an eye, time passes. But pictures help us relive those moments and keep those memories "Close to our Hearts." 

While I continue to work on my scrapbook pages today, I hope that you take on the challenge to pull out your pictures, remember those times and arrange them on a scrapbook page to share with others. As I have a smile on my face, I know you will too!!!


Stacy said...

What a beautiful cake Cynthia! What you wrote about speaks loud and clear to me. Especially after losing my FIL last year. This year we are definitely taking more photos, creating more memories, and I'll be creating more layouts :) I didn't realize you were with CTMH. I don't really order from them often, but I bookmarked your website. Hope everything is going well for you and your family :)

Cynthia said...

Thanks Stacy! I decided to go back to scrapbooking, because my pictures were getting lost. I saw a picture of my children and it reminded me that I wanted to share and remember those memories of when they were little. Life is too short and having pictures is "time"I can hold on to. Also I decided to join CTMH, because I wanted to motivate myself and others to scrapbook more!!Thank you so much for your comments!!!

Bridgett Owens said...

Beautiful cake, Cynthia! You definitely have a gift for cake decorating! I definitely want to get back to scrapbooking. This truly inspires me!!