Sunday, May 3, 2009

Love Scrapbooking!!!!

It has been so long since my last post. But here I am again ready to create and display my love for papercrafts and my family. I found these pictures in my cabinet and pulled them out and instantly knew what paper I would use. They had Angelee written all over it. My daughter Victoria on the right also is a big fan of Angelee. Sometimes when I am tired and my girls want some love they ask me if we can "TAC Together" Meaning lets do some scrapbooking or card making. They love TAC as much as I do. I noticed as time goes on it just gets better. The pictures do not do the paper justice. You just need to buy some for yourself to see how beautiful this paper really is. For all of you who have missed me this past month or so. Thank you its so nice to be missed!

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Diana said...

Hey Cynthia!! I am sooooooooo happy to see you back!! THis layout is sooo gorgeous!! that paper is perfect for those cute pictures!!

Send you a big hug!