Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend !!

Memorial Day Weekend on Sunday we went to the park which is at the street corner of our house after church. We did not do anything special, but decided to relax and enjoy family time. My son went to the lake so he missed out on the picture. The great thing about these pictures, each of my daughters took them. They love to take pictures and have learned to do a wonderful job. My girls were fishing with my husband in the pond and we stayed until it got dark. By Monday I was exhausted, slept in and got ready for Tuesday. Just another family day at the De La Torre House:)

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Bridgett said...

Hi, Cynthia!
It is cold outside here right now, so as I look back to Memorial Day photos I am wishing I had a little of that warmth! What a FUN day you all had!
Angel Hugs,